The UC-35C and UC-35D are aircraft models produced by Cessna Aircraft Company. The UC-35C is a Citation V Ultra, also known as the Cessna Model 560, and the UC-35D is a

UC-35 CitationCitation Encore, also known as the Cessna Model 560. These aircraft are multipurpose business jets with a low-wing design and pod-mounted engines on either side of the rear fuselage. They can be used to transport passengers, cargo, or a combination of both. The UC-35C and UC-35D are located at various locations across the United States and internationally.

Made with Mahogany

UC-35A Citation Ultra Model
Cessna UC-35A Citation Ultra, 18″ Mahogany Scale Model
  • Length – 18 inches
  • Made from Mahogany
  • US Naval Aviator Owned Business
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