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UC-35A Citation Ultra Model


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UC-35A Citation Ultra Model

Fly with the UC-35A Citation Ultra in this handcrafted Model.  Each piece is carved from wood and painted to provide a one of kind piece. Our pieces seek to recreate memories of these glorious aircraft.

Length – 18 inches

The Cessna Citation V is a business jet built by Cessna. Stretched from the Citation II, a Model 560 prototype flew in August 1987, it was certified on December 9, 1988 and delivered from April 1987, 774 were delivered until 2011. The upgraded Citation Ultra was announced in September 1993, the Citation Encore upgraded with PW535 turbofans was announced in 1998, before the improved Encore+. Its US military designation is UC-35.

The UC-35A is a medium range executive and priority cago jet aircraft that is the materiel solution for the C-XX (MR) requirement. It is a commercial Off-the-shelf (COTS) Cessna Citation 560 Ultra V twin engined aircraft. Since its introduction, the Citation V has been the world’s fastest-selling business jet.


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