U.S. Navy training version developed by conversion of UC-12B airframes. The TC-12 Huron is a military training aircraft that is used by the US Navy and Marine Corps for training pilots and other aviation personnel. It is a twin-engine turboprop aircraft that is based on the Beechcraft Super King Air 200. The TC-12 Huron is used for a variety of training missions, including basic flight training, instrument training, and navigation. It is also used to train pilots for specific career fields, such as transport and logistics. The TC-12 Huron is known for its reliability and durability, and it is used by many military and civilian organizations around the world for training and other purposes.

Made from Mahogany/  18 inches

NAS Meridian UC-12b Model
NAS Meridian UC-12b Huron Model, Beechcraft, Mahogany, 1/36 scale, Navy

NAS Meridian UC-12b Model Fly out NAS Meridian in this UC-12b model. Each model is carefully carved from wood and hand painted to provide a piece you’ll love! On July 16, 1957, the first shovel of earth was thrown, marking … Read More

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VT-35 Stingrays TC-12 Model
VT-35 Stingrays TC-12 Huron Model, Beechcraft, Mahogany, 1/36 scale

VT-35 Stingrays TC-12 Model Celebrate a winging with a replica model of the TC-12 flown by the VT-35 Stingrays. Each model is carefully crafted and may be customized (allow for 60-90 days for custom work). Makes a memorable winging gift … Read More

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