The Tang-class submarines were the first to be designed and built by the United States Navy after World War II. They were based on the high-speed German Type XXI U-boat and the US Navy’s fleet submarine, and were intended to have better submerged performance than earlier models. However, they were soon surpassed by nuclear-powered submarines that entered service in 1954. The Tang-class submarines experienced problems with their engines when they were first deployed in the 1950s, and they were prone to leaks and difficult to maintain. In 1956, the US Navy decided to replace the engines with more reliable ones, and the first four Tang-class boats were lengthened to accommodate the new engines. The new engines, which were similar to those used on late-war World War II submarines but more powerful, became the standard for almost all subsequent US conventional submarines. The Tang-class submarines also featured redesigned torpedo tubes, with the six forward tubes using air-powered pumps to eject torpedoes quietly and without releasing an air bubble. The four stern tubes of previous classes were replaced with two shorter tubes that could not accommodate longer anti-ship torpedoes and did not have the ability to actively eject torpedoes. These tubes were intended for use with the Mark 27 and planned Mark 37 swim-out torpedoes.

Models are made from Mahogany and measure approx 20″

USS Tang (SS-563) Submarine Model
USS Tang (SS-563) Submarine Model

Sail again with the crew of the USS Tang (SS-563) Submarine in this handcrafted wooden Submarine Model. Each piece is carved from wood and handpainted to provide a piece you’ll love.

  • Length- 20 inches
  • Made from Mahogany
  • US Veteran Owned Business
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