The Swiftsure class was a group of six nuclear-powered submarines that were part of the Royal Navy from the 1970s until 2010. All of the boats in the class were decommissioned, with Swiftsure being the first in 1992 after experiencing damage during trials. Splendid was decommissioned in 2004 due to defense budget cuts, while Spartan and Sovereign were taken out of service in 2006. Superb was decommissioned in 2008, and the final boat in the class, Sceptre, was decommissioned in 2010. The Swiftsure class was not replaced, but the Trafalgar-class submarines that followed them are in the process of being replaced by the Astute-class. Some of the Swiftsure-class submarines were upgraded with the ability to launch Tomahawk cruise missiles in addition to their standard armaments of torpedoes, mines, and anti-ship missiles. They were also the first Royal Navy submarines to be equipped with shrouded pump-jet propulsors. The Splendid and Spartan were two of the six submarines in the Swiftsure class that served in the Royal Navy. Both boats were ordered to sail to the Falkland Islands in the South Atlantic two days before the Argentine invasion on March 30, 1982. Spartan arrived in the islands first and began enforcing a 200-mile maritime exclusion zone imposed by the British. The submarine was not ordered to attack Argentine ships that were mining the harbor at Stanley, as the British wanted to avoid escalating the conflict too early and also wanted to preserve the opportunity to attack more valuable targets such as the Argentine aircraft carrier Veinticinco de Mayo. While neither the Splendid nor the Spartan fired on any targets during the Falklands War, they did provide valuable reconnaissance on Argentine aircraft movements and their presence effectively restricted the freedom of action of the Argentine Navy, which spent most of the war confined to port. In the late 1990s, the Splendid became the first British vessel to be armed with American-made Tomahawk cruise missiles. The boat fired these missiles against Yugoslav targets in Belgrade during the Kosovo War in 1999, and again against Iraqi targets during the 2003 invasion of Iraq.


Model Made from Mahogany/ 20 Inches

HMS Superb (S109) Submarine Model
HMS Superb (S109) Submarine Model,Navy,Scale Model,Mahogany,20 inch,Swiftsure Class

A 20″ handcrafted Mahogany model of the HMS Superb. You’ll love displaying this piece of art.

  • 20 inches
  • Made from Mahogany
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