AJ SavageA-2 (AJ) Savage Model

The North American AJ Savage was a carrier-based medium bomber that was developed for the United States Navy by North American Aviation. It was designed to carry atomic bombs and was the heaviest aircraft at the time that was capable of operating from an aircraft carrier. The A-2 Savage (AJ Savage) was powered by two piston engines and a turbojet located in the rear fuselage. It first entered operational service in 1950 and was used as a deterrent against North Korea during the Korean War. Out of the 140 AJ Savages that were built, along with three prototypes, 30 were modified for reconnaissance missions. In the mid-1950s, the bomber was equipped with inflight-refueling capabilities. The A-2 Savage was eventually replaced by the Douglas A3D Skywarrior in 1957.

Made from Mahogany

VAP-62 Tigers AJ-2P (1958) Savage Model
VAP-62 Tigers AJ-2P (1958) Savage Model, AD6 Navy, Mahogany

VAP-62 Tigers AJ-2P (1958) Savage Model Fly with Tigers again in this hand crafted AJ-2P Savage model. Each model is carved from wood and hand-painted. 18 inch *This aircraft was piloted Lt. Emile W. Nigels, who unfortunately collided with a … Read More

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