Avro Vulcan Model

The Avro Vulcan (later Hawker Siddeley Vulcan[1] from July 1963)[2] is a jet-powered, tailless, delta-wing, high-altitude, strategic bomber, which was operated by the Royal Air Force (RAF) from 1956 until 1984. Of the three V bombers produced, the Vulcan was considered the most technically advanced, hence the riskiest option. Several reduced-scale aircraft, designated Avro 707s, were produced to test and refine the delta-wing design principles.

Made from Mahogany

Avro Vulcan Model
Avro Vulcan Model, RAF, Strategic Bomber, Hawker Siddeley, 1/69 Mahogany Scale Model

Avro Vulcan Model Fly in the classic Avro Vulcan Model in this hand crafted recreation. Each model is carved from wood and hand crafted to provide a piece you’ll love. Length – 15.5 inches Wingspan – 17 inches The Avro … Read More

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