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Squadron Nostalgic LLC is a veteran run, private organization that IS NOT affiliated with the US government or DOD.   All markings and paint schemes were individually recreated based upon our interpretation against historic photographs or provided by client instruction. We are not affiliated or associated with, nor endorsed or sponsored by The Boeing Company, Lockheed Martin Corporation, Northrop Grumman or any of their subsidiaries and affiliates or any other company thereof.
Will you do custom models?

Yes, that is our specialty!  Contact us with what you are looking for and we can start there.  Typically, we’ll need a few photos for reference as well as the logo you’d like for the base.  Our pieces are all individually made.

How long do custom orders take?

This can vary due to a number of factors, but typically 90 days or less.   If you need a rush, please let us know.

I see a piece on backorder, when will it be ready?

Typically, backorders take 60-90 days to remake.  Often times we have already started production so may come out sooner.  Feel free and order and will prioritize accordingly.  Please contact us if you have any questions.  A backorder piece may be modified as well.  

Do you have a storefront?

Our pieces are sold online only.

I have a group order and wonder if you do discounts?

Yes, we do.  Contact us.

Do you contract with Federal/State/ and Local Agencies?

Yes, we do.  We also accept GPC.

CAGE# 840W9

What are the sizes of the models?

Most of our models are 16-18 inches at their long point (wingspan or length).  Some pieces of typically small aircraft like the T-34 are 12 inches.   We do this in order to be able to ship in fairly standard size boxes and give you the most size for the shipping box.  Because of this, the scale of the aircraft or model will vary between pieces.   If you would like a custom or the same scale please let us know.


We strive hard to produce the best quality items that we can. Our models and plaques are all handcrafted.  If you are not satisfied, we will make every attempt possible to make it right to include repair, replacement, partial or full refund.  Due to the nature of certain custom pieces, we require approval prior to shipping.  Outside of shipping damage, sales become final once the custom item leaves our shop.  Squadron Nostalgia is not required to refund shipping costs in the event a return.  If the item was purchased with Paypal, they offer a free return shipping option.


Custom orders require 50% which is non refundable.   In the event of needing to cancel production, please contact us right away so we can work to resolve things right away.  If an item is a more common piece, typically we can reserve the right to provide a refund.

Where do you make your models?

This is a niche industry that has its roots deep in the US & Philippines history.   The US had two main bases at both Subic and Clark.  The modeling industry rose to fame when US carriers would pull into Subic en route to Vietnam.  Squadrons would have models made to act as souvenirs.  Many of our artists have decades of experience in making models. Our shop is based near the former Clark Air Force Base.

About Me-

I founded the company in 2007.  I had the goal to save and preserve the history and legacy of those who have served thru my models.  Our models share a unique history and seek to capture liveries both current and past.  I did over 9 years of active service and continue to serve in the Naval Reserves.  Thank you for checking out our page.

Welcome to all who love historic models and plaques!

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