C-23 Sherpa Model

The Short C-23 Sherpa is a small military transport aircraft built by Short Brothers. The C-23A and C-23B are variants of the Short 330 and the C-23B+ is a variant of the Short 360.

In U.S. military service, the Short 330 was designated C-23A Sherpa. The C-23B Sherpa is similar to the C-23A, but with cabin windows.  The C-23B+ Short 360 derivative was created by replacing the rear fuselage of Short 360s obtained on the second-hand market with the twin tail and rear loading ramp of the Short Sherpa.

The C-23 was produced at the Short Brothers’ facility in Belfast, Northern Ireland for the U.S. Department of Defense.

18 inches / Made from Mahogany

10th MAS C-23 Sherpa Model
10th MAS C-23 Sherpa Model, Short Brothers, 1/50th Scale, Mahogany

10th MAS C-23 Sherpa Model Fly the European shuttle again with the 10th MAS in the hand crafted model. Each piece is carved from wood and hand painted to provide a piece you’ll love. World War II Paratroopers about to … Read More

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