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Wild Thang A-26B Invader Model, 1/49th Scale, Mahogany, Light Bomber


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Wild Thang A-26 Invader

Fly again with the Wild Thang in this handcrafted A-26 Invader wooden model.  Each piece is carved from wood and handpainted to provide a piece you’ll love.

Length: 12.3 inches
Wingspan: 17 inches

Delivered to Reconstruction Finance Corp as 44-34766, 19??.
– Immediately put up for dispossal, 1945.
Dianna Converse Cyrus Bixby, 1947-1949.
– Registered as N67807.
– Flown as Bendix Racer #91/Huntress.
– Fitted with bomb bay fuel tank for Bendix cross-country race, 1947.
Stanolind Oil & Gas Co, Tulsa, OK, 1954
– Registered as N67807.
Pan American Petroleum Corp, Tulsa, OK, 1961-1964
– Registered as N1243.
Standard Oil Co (Indiana), Chicago, IL, May 31, 1965.
Nine Ten Corp, Chicago, IL, Aug. 4, 1965-1966.
– Registered as N910G.
Paramount Trading Co., Vero Beach, CA 1968-1969
– Registered as N9150.
Miami Aircraft Ventures Inc., Miami, FL, 19701972.
Vicky Miller, Burbank, CA, 1977
USAF Museum, Castle AFB, CA, 1983
– Displayed as USN JD-1 “34766” port side.
– Displayed as USAF 34766/Mary Jo starboard side.
V. Mark Johnson, Lakewood, CO, Dec. 1984-1987
Donald Douglas Museum, Santa Monica, CA, 1987-1990
– Displayed as 434766/Pretty Patti/J
Larry Leaf, Willston, FL, 1990-1991.
David Brady, Cartersville, GA, 1991-1992
– Damage in mid-air collision with Brady’s T-37.
– A-26 landed safetly, Cartersville, GA, June 7, 1991.
Reva J. Brady, Cartersville, GA, Feb. 1992.
Museum Of Flying, Santa Monica, CA, 1993.
– Restored to executive configuration, Mojave, CA, 1993-1995.
Howard B. Keck/Thermco Aviation, Thermal, CA & Coachella, CA, May 25, 1994-2002.
– Registered as N26BK.

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Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 7 in


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