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VX-9 Vampires F/A-18E Super Hornet Model (2006)


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VX-9 Vampires F/A-18E Model (2006)

A beautifully carved 18 inch solid wood F/A-18E  model of the VX-9 Vampires!  Each piece is carefully carved and painted to provide a top quality piece.

Length – 18 inches

Wingspan – 12.5 inches

Residing one hundred and fifty miles North East of L.A. and nestled in the western most part of the Mojave Desert just outside of Ridgecrest, California is the Naval Air Weapons Station, China Lake (NAWS). NAWS and its 1.1 million acres encompass California’s upper Mojave Desert and contain a variety of mines, hangars, testing ranges, and the famous Death Valley. The base supports approximately 4,400 DOD employees and is home to VX-9 with its resident 417 Sailors, historical Hangar One and 40 Marines.

China Lake’s VX-9 “Vampires” are charged with the testing and evaluation of weapons and their related systems in direct support of the United States Naval Aviation Fleet. The skilled Sailors and Marines of VX-9 are known for their ability to adapt to the dynamic testing environment that the aviation field provides. They are dedicated to their task and hold a broad-range of expertise in the aviation field. Command Site

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