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VX-20 P-8a Poseidon Model


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VX-20 P-8a Model

We’re making one BUNO at a time in this 17 inch VX-20 P-8a Poseidon model.  Each model is carefully crafted from wood by artisans to mimic the P-8a that flies for the VX-20.

Air Test and Evaluation Squadron Two Zero (VX-20) was commissioned to provide full spectrum developmental ground and flight test services in support of U.S. Navy and Marine Corp Fleet programs associated with research, development, test and evaluation of the following aircraft and mission systems:

  • E-2C/D Hawkeye
  • P-8A Poseidon
  • MQ-4C Broad Area Maritime Surveillance Unmanned Aircraft System
  • E-6B Mercury
  • P-3C Orion
  • C-2A Greyhound
  • C-130F/R/T/J Hercules
  • T-34C Mentor
  • T-6A Texan

The squadron is responsible for active flight test and evaluation in all phases of the weapons system life cycle, including aircraft carrier suitability testing, navigation, aerial refueling, strategic airborne communications, airborne surveillance and intelligence collection, airborne early warning systems, carrier onboard delivery and advanced training aircraft missions. Additionally, VX-20 operates and maintains one NP-3 aircraft which provides a safe and efficient platform to conduct a variety of airborne scientific research projects.