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VT-9 Tigers T-2 (1971) Model


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VT-9 Tigers T-2 (1971) Model

Flight of two! Okay really only one for sale. A T-2 from VT-9 with 1971 markings in this wood 12 inch model with medallion. Each model is carefully carved and painted to provide a unique piece you’ll love.

U.S. Naval and Marine aviators are trained by the Tigers, along with aviators of the British, Spanish, French and Italian Navies. The squadron flies the T-45C Goshawk, a U.S. Naval derivative of the British BAE Hawk jet aircraft. The students, selected from the very top performing students graduated from primary Flight training (usually trained in the T-6B), are initially trained over 1.5 to two years in basic and advanced aviation skills such as ground school, systems, weapons, aerodynamics, emergency procedures, and other academic course-work; dynamic simulator training; navigation and instrument flying, and progress through extensive formation and tactical flying, low-level navigation, bombing, and air combat maneuvering (“dog fighting”). Student Naval Aviators normally complete the syllabus by performing a series of scrutinized arrested landings on an aircraft carrier. The syllabus is high-paced, difficult, and highly competitive; notable training attrition is expected. With this tailhook prerequisite complete, graduating students become “winged Naval Aviators”, and then move on to fly a fighter and/or attack jet, with additional post-wing training in their respective combat service.