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VT-4 Warbucks T-6a Model,Beechcraft,Mahogany Scale Model


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VT-4 Warbucks T-6a Model

A 12 inch T-6a model  of the VT-4 Warbucks- a first for many a Naval Aviator.  This model is a must have for any Naval Aviator and makes the perfect gift!

VT-4 is a winging squadron onboard NAS Pensacola that trains Student Naval Flight Officers (SNFOs) to be integral assets in their respective E-2, E-6, EP-3, P-3 and P-8 communities. SNFOs will be placed through the Advanced Maritime Command and Control Course (MC2) with topics such as international and military flight planning, sensor employment, and tactical communications. They will put these lessons to use in the Multi-Crew Simulator (MCS), combining the multitude of sensors with a significant emphasis on Crew Resource Management.