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VT-22 Golden Eagles T-45 Model


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VT-22 Golden Eagles T-45 Model

Training Squadron TWO-TWO (VT-22) is the premier U.S. Navy and Marine Corps strike training squadron.
The finest instructor pilots in the fleet train the next generation of Navy and Marine Corps pilots.

VT-22 Instructor pilots average 10 training flights per week. Junior officers averaged about 300-400 hours last year. Those hours were in all aspects of flight training, including air combat maneuvering, air-to-ground employment, and carrier qualification. There is no other jet squadron in the Navy or Marine Corps that affords this level of flight operations to its aviators.

Student Naval and Marine Corps Aviators arrive with only rudimentary aviation abilities and leave with the capacity to transition to the Hornet, Rhino, Growler, Harrier, Hawkeye, Greyhound, and Prowler. The syllabus consists of 131 sorties covering 162.1 hours in the T-45 Goshawk jet trainer. It is an intensive, challenging syllabus that provides the necessary skills for a young officer to join the cadre of the finest aviators in the world.

Established ATU-6, 13 JUNE 1949