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VSF-86 Gators F-8 Crusader Model


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VSF-86 Gators F-8 Crusader Model

Fly with the VSF-86 Gators again with this F-8 Crusader model. Each model is carefully carved from wood and expertly painted to provide a unique and treasured piece.


Length:  18 inches

Wingspan: 11 inches

Vought F8U-2N (F-8D) Crusader/Bu. 147049
  • Upgraded to F-8H.
  • VF-13.
  • VF-661 as AJ-100.
  • 1970: VF-162 as AH-205.
  • 1973: VSF-86 as NW-601.
  • 1974: VF-201 as AF-116.
  • 2/1976: Put into storage at the AMARC bone yard.
  • 5/1978: Sold to the Philippine AF as 320.
  • 7th TFS (5th TFW).

Carrier Anti Submarine Fighter Squadron 86



1. July 1970 VSF-86 Established at NAS New Orleans LA.
1. September 1973 VSF-86 Disestablished at NAS New Orleans LA.
1970 – 1971

VSF-86-01.png (87097 Byte)
1971 – 1973

VSF-86-01.png (78015 Byte)
VSF-86 Deployments
24 July 1971 – 8. August 1971 CVS-14 USS Ticonderoga CVSGR-80 A-4C NW 600


VSF-76 and VSF-86 were two NAS New Orleans, Louisiana, based squadrons tasked with the mission to provide fighter cover for the ant-submarine carriers. Previously flying early-model A-4 Skyhawks, the squadron transitioned to the F-8H in 1971. On 1. September 1973 VF-753 absorbed VSF-76 and VSF-86 and the conglomeration was redesignated Fleet Composite Squadron Thirteen (VC-13)

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