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VS-21 Fighting Redtails S-2 Tracker Model


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VS-21 Fighting Redtails S-2 Tracker Model

Fly with the Fighting Redtails again in this hand crafted S-2 Tracker model. Each model is carefully crafted from wood and hand painted to provide a unique piece you’ll treasure.

Length – 12.5 inches

Sea Control Squadron TWENTY ONE (SEACONRON 21 or VS-21), previously designated Air Anti-Submarine Squadron TWENTY ONE (AIRASRON 21), Composite Squadron TWENTY ONE (VC-21), Attack Squadron ONE E (VA-1E), and Torpedo Squadron FORTY ONE (VT-41), was a United States Navy anti-submarine squadron established in the final year of the Second World War which served after the war aboard the USS Badoeng Strait (CVE-116) helping to develop hunter-killer ASW tactics for the Navy, and ultimately operated from full-size aircraft carriers in the sea control role, capable of anti-submarine and anti-surface warfare. It was the only squadron to receive the designations VA-1E, VC-21, or VS-21.

The squadron was established as Torpedo Squadron FORTY ONE (VT-41) at Naval Air Station Seattle, Washington under the command of LT Joseph P. Keigher with the General Motors-built TBM-1, TBM-1C, and TBM-3 Avenger torpedo bomber as part of Escort Carrier Air Group FORTY ONE (CVEG-41). Commander Air Force Pacific Fleet had designated the squadron upon formation as having antisubmarine warfare as its primary mission. On 15 November 1946, as part of a service-wide reorganization, VT-41 was redesignated Attack Squadron ONE E (VA-1E), which was translated into “1st attack squadron (“VA-1”) based on escort carriers (“E”)”, while CVEG-41 was simultaneously redesignated Escort Carrier Air Group ONE (CVEG-1). The Group, which consisted of VA-1E and its sister fighter squadron VF-1E, was assigned on 4 December 1946 to the escort carrier USS Badoeng Strait, and VA-1E was identified by the tail code “BS” (call sign “Beef Steak”). In 1947-48 VA-1E conducted regular ASW exercises aboard the Badoeng Strait between the U.S. West Coast and the Western Pacific. The squadron saw extensive service in ASW trials and tactics development aboard the Badoeng Strait.[1] When the U.S. Navy turned back to the designation system used before November 1946, both CVEG-1 squadrons VA-1E and VF-1E were merged into Composite Squadron 21 (VC-21) on 1 September 1948 creating one of six new anti-submarine squadrons. The squadron was redesignated Anti-Submarine Squadron 21 (AIRASRON 21 or VS-21) and obtained the nickname “Redtails” on 23 April 1950. After putting the S-3B Viking into service in 1991, on 1 October 1993 the squadron was redesignated Sea Control Squadron 21 (retaining the abbreviated form VS-21). VS-21 was finally disestablished on 28 February 2005.

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