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VR-62 Nomads C-130T Model


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VR-62 Nomads C-130T Model

Fly with the VR-62 Nomads in this C-130T wooden model. Each model is carefully carved and painted to provide a unique piece that you’ll treasure.

The mission of VR-62 is to provide rapid response, global air logistics and support to U.S. Maritime Forces. In the early 1990s VR-62 was stationed at NAS South Weymouth, though the squadron subsequently to their present location in NAS Brunswick, ME. Since the beginning of hostilities in the former Republic of Yugoslavia, U.S. Naval Air Reservists have worked to keep the Navy’s Carrier Battle Group and Amphibious Ready Group supplied with ordnance and critical supplies. Fleet Logistics Support (VR) crews and aircraft—who provide 100% of the Navy’s organic intra-theater airlift support—respond on short notice to meet emerging needs of Fleet operations. VR crews have maintained a continuous presence in the Med for several years with three aircraft [two C-9Bs and one C-130T deployed to Sigonella, Italy] in support of Commander Fleet Air, Mediterranean. In March 1999 COMFAIRMED requested additional C-130T support for Operation Allied Force. Squadrons VR-55 and VR-62 have each deployed an additional C-130T aircraft and crews to the Mediterranean.