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VR-61 Islanders C-9B Skytrain II Model, 1/80th (18″) Scale, Mahogany, Navy


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VR-61 Islanders C-9 Model

Proudly fly again with the VR-61 Islanders in this wooden C-9 model. Each model is carefully carved and painted to provide a unique piece you’ll love.

Length – 18 inches

Fleet Logistics Support Squadron 61 was established at NAS Whidbey Island, Washington on October 1, 1982 with formal commissioning ceremonies held on October 16, 1982. Two DC-9 aircraft had arrived in September of that year, making the squadron “Mission Ready.” VR-61 is one of seven C-9/DC-9 reserve force squadrons in the United States Navy. The squadron follows its chain of command through Commander, Fleet Logistics Support Wing, Commander Naval Air Reserve Force, Chief of Naval Reserve, and Chief of Naval Operations.

Manned by a total of 48 officers and 220 enlisted, VR-61 is composed of a mix of active duty and Selected Reserve personnel. The squadron’s mission is to provide seven-days-a-week, around-the-clock, high-speed transport for the Department of Defense, often on short notice.

In the fall of 1994, the squadron transitioned to four DC-9-33 aircraft with improved cargo capability, higher payload and greater range. The DC-9 aircraft is ideally suited to the Navy’s air logistics mission. Operating at speeds in excess of 500 mph and altitudes up to 37,000 feet, the airplane is capable of carrying 100 passengers (plus 7 crew), 28,000 pounds of cargo, or various combinations of passengers and cargo. The aircraft has an extremely high dispatch reliability rate, due in part to contractor-provided on-site supply support. With that, detachments to the Mediterranean and the Western Pacific have become an integral part of the squadron’s mission and have expanded its capability to support the fleet.

VR-61 conducts extensive training programs to ensure the highest degree of proficiency and professionalism among its pilots, aircrew, maintenance and administrative personnel. In the event of mobilization or recall of reserve forces, VR-61 is fully prepared to respond and would perform the same mission it performs on a daily basis throughout the year. The “Islanders” of VR-61 are a prime example of the “One Navy” concept, where a reserve force squadron is fully integrated into fleet service.

Since establishment, VR-61 has compiled over 65,000 mishap-free flight hours and recently received the Meritorious Unit Commendation, the first time it has ever been awarded to a Reserve VR squadron. Other unit awards include two consecutive Noel Davis Battle Efficiency Awards and three CNO Safety Award, the James M. Holcomb Award for maintenance excellence, the Training Excellence Award, consecutive Retention Excellence Awards and the Moran “Readiness through Safety” Award. Additionally, the Naval Reserve Association bestowed the 1998 Congressman Bill Chappell trophy upon VR-61 as the Navy’s top C-9 squadron for operational excellence, detachment performance and fiscal efficiency. Mission-oriented, with a rich heritage of operational excellence and an unswerving commitment to its people, VR-61 is proud of completing over 100% of its flight hour program during the past five years and has clearly emerged as the premier squadron in the Fleet Logistics Support Wing.