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VR-58 Sunseekers C-40 Clipper Model, 1/74th (18″) Scale, Mahogany


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VR-58 Sunseekers C-40 Clipper Model

Fly with the Sunseekers of VR-58 in this hand crafted C-40 model. Each piece is carved from wood and hand painted to provide a piece you’ll love.

Length -18 inches.

VR-58 is a Naval Air Reserve Force squadron composed of active duty and selected reserve personnel and provides seven-days-a-week, around the clock, world-wide logistics support for the Navy and Marine Corps regular and reserve forces. Until April 2002, when the unit transitioned to the C-40A “Clipper” aircraft, VR-58 operated four McDonnell Douglas C-9B “Skytrain II” aircraft [on 11 October 1994, the squadron gained an additional C-9B Skytrain aircraft and became a four-aircraft squadron]. The Commanding Officer of VR-58 exercises operational and administrative control of the squadron, reporting directly to Commander, Fleet Logistics Support Wing based at JRB Fort Worth, TX. Operational tasking is scheduled by the Naval Air Logistics Support Office and Joint Operational Scheduling Aircraft Command in the United States; Commander, Fleet Air Mediterranean in the Mediterranean theater, and Commander, Fleet Air Western Pacific in the Western Pacific theater.

Fleet Logistics Support Squadron Five-Eight (VR-58) was established at NAS Jacksonville Florida on 1 November 1977. Formal ceremonies were held in April 1978 with the delivery of the first C-9B aircraft. In September 1978, an additional two aircraft were received, making the squadron “mission ready.” VR-58 is one of several jet transport units in the U. S. Navy Reserves.

VR-58 is a Naval Air Reserve Force Squadron composed of active duty and Selected Reserve Personnel providing Seven-day-a-week round the clock, worldwide logistics to support the Navy and Marine Regular and Reserve Forces. The squadron operates four McDonnell Douglas C-9B “Skytrain II” aircraft, named after the dependable and durable R-4D transport of World War II and Berrying Artist fame. Operating at speeds in excess of 500 mph up to altitudes of 35,000 feet, the aircraft is capable of carrying 90 passengers, plus crew of six, up to 28,000 pounds of cargo or combination of both passengers and cargo. The unit’s C-9Bs are virtually always ready for flight, primarily due to an on-site Supply Support Center. Squadron missions include logistics support throughout the United States, the Caribbean, Middle East, Mediterranean and Western Pacific in support of NATO Commander Fleet Air Mediterranean (COMFAIRMED) and Commander Fleet Air Western Pacific (COMFAIRWESTPAC).

VR-58 conducts extensive training programs to ensure the highest degree of proficiency and professionalism among its pilots, aircrew, maintenance and administrative personnel. This training paid off tremendously during the period of 27 December 1990 to 21 May 1991 when VR-58 became one of four Naval Reserve C-9B squadrons to be mobilized in support of Operations DESERT SHIELD, DESERT STORM and PROVIDE COMFORT. The main group of Personnel was based at Naval Air Facility, Capodichino, Naples, Italy where it maintained two aircraft. One aircraft and 45 personnel were detached to NAS Sigonella, Sicily on a rotation basis. VR-58 provided direct airlift support to U. S. Navy and Marine combat operations in the Red Sea and Persian Gulf by flying 380 missions (2,700 flight hours), transporting over 2.5 million pounds of cargo and 11,000 passengers during this five-month deployment. Although this was the first time any Navy C-9B squadron had been mobilized and a “first” for many squadron members to experience the accelerated Tempos of wartime operations and life away from their homeland, The VR-58 “Sunseekers” completed 106% of assigned missions with an overall aircraft “Fully Mission Capable” rate of 99.5%.