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VR-21 Fleet Tactical Support Pineapple Airlines C-118 (424) Model


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Fly the VR-21 Pineapple Airlines with a 1970s scheme in this C-118 Model. Each piece is carefully carved from wood and hand painted to provide a unique piece you’ll love. 18 inches

VR-21 was headquartered at NAS Barbers Point, Hawaii and detachments were established at North Island, NAS Alameda, California, and Naval Air Facility Atsugi, Japan. They operated the Navy’s first dedicated Carrier Onboard Delivery (COD) aircraft, the Grumman TBM-3R Avenger, and the newer Grumman C-1A Trader, in regular COD service to Pacific Fleet aircraft carriers. They also operated Convair C-131 Samaritan aircraft, among others, in support of west coast and Pacific Fleet shore transport missions.
On 1 October 1966, VR-21’s California and Japan detachments were reorganized as Fleet Tactical Support Squadron Thirty (VR-30) in Alameda and Fleet Tactical Support Squadron Fifty (VRC-50) in Atsugi.