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VMA(AW) 332 Moonlighters A-6 1976


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VMA(AW) 332 Moonlighters A-6 1976

Fly with the Moonlighters of VMA(AW) 332 again in this hand-crafted bicentennial A-6 model. Carefully carved from Mahogany and then hand painted, it’ll provide you a piece that you’ll be proud to display. Size: 18 inches

VMA(AW)-332 Marine All Weather Fighter Attack Squadron 332 was a United States Marine Corps A-6 squadron. Also known as the “Moonlighters”.

VMA-332 continued its yearly rotation to Japan until 1962. In 1962, VMA-332 was deployed to Thailand to support a Marine Expeditionary Force quelling unrest in that country. Later in 1962, the squadron would redeploy back home. It was during this time that the squadron’s nickname was mysteriously changed to the “Moonlighters” and the tail letters were changed to “EA”. Although there are speculations, no written explanation exists for the change.

On August 20, 1968, the “Moonlighters” transitioned to the A-6 Intruder and was designated Marine All Weather Attack Squadron 332 (VMA(AW)-332). On March 1, 1975, the squadron received its first A-6E Intruder and in July 1982, they again upgraded to the A-6E TRAM (Target Recognition and Attack Multi-Sensor).