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VMA(AW)-225 Vikings (Da Nang, 1969) A-6A Model


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VMA(AW)-225 Vikings (Da Nang, 1969) A-6 Model

Fly with the Bats of VMA(AW)-225 in this hand crafted A-6 model. Each model is carved from wood and hand painted to provide a unique piece you’ll love. 18 inches

Length: 18 inches
Wingspan: 17.4 inches

A-6A Intruder/Bu. 155606
  • 1968-69: VMA(AW)-225 as CE-03.
  • 1969-70: VMA(AW)-533 as ED-06.
  • Upgraded to A-6E.
  • 1980-81: VMA(AW)-242 as DT-03.
  • 1982: VMA(AW)-121 as WK-03.
  • 1987: VA-185 as NF-405.
  • 1990-93: VA-155 as NE-405.
  • 1995: VA-128 as NJ-521.
  • 9/1995: Put into storage at the AMARC bone yard.
  • 7/2000: Salvaged.

VMA(AW)-225 (Cherry Point, N.C.) Marine Fighting Squadron 225 was commissioned Jan. 1, 1943, and designated VMF-225. The squadron was founded at Marine Corps Air Station Mojave, Calif. with Captain Jack R. Amends as its first commanding officer. From August 1944 to January 1945, the Corsairs of VMF-225 participated in numerous combat operations in the New Hebrides Islands. Returning to the United States in February 1945, VMF-225 was stationed at Marine Corps

Vietnam War

Marine Attack Squadron VMA 225 Vikings was trained and certified for nuclear weapons delivery with A 4 Skyhawk aircraft in the early 1960s. On 1 June 1965 the Squadron was the first tactical fixed wing aircraft to land at Chu Lai Vietnam for participation in combat operations with conventional munitions against Viet Cong forces in South Vietnam. VMA 225 returned to MCAS Cherry Point in October 1965.

In April 1966 the Squadron reequipped with A 6 Intruder aircraft with all weather capability and was redesignated VMA AW 225 to provide air support for units of the 2nd Marine Division Fleet Marine Force Atlantic. The Squadron deployed several times to MCAS Yuma Arizona for live weapons training.

In January 1969 VMA AW 225 deployed to Danang Air Base Vietnam to provide close air support and direct air support day and night and in all weather for ground elements for allied forces in the I Corp area of South Vietnam. A secondary mission utilized the A 6 Intruder aircrafts unique search radar Airborne Moving Target Indicator AMTI for the interdiction of trucks on the Ho Chi Minh Trail in Southeast Asia. In May 1971 VMA AW 225 returned to MCAS El Toro California and deactivated on 15 June 1972.