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VF-74 Be-Devilers F-4b (1962) Model


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VF-74 Be-Devilers F-4b (1962) Model

First in Phantoms! Fly off the USS Forrestal again with the VF-74 Be-Devilers in this 18 inch wooden carved F-4b. Each model is carefully crafted from wood and hand painted to provide a unique treasure piece.

Fighter Squadron 74, Be-Devilers was an aviation unit of the United States Navy in service from 1944 to 1994.[1] Originally established as VBF-20 on 16 April 1945, it was redesignated as VF-10A on 15 November 1946, redesignated as VF-92 on 12 August 1948, redesignated as VF-74 on 15 January 1950 and disestablished on 30 April 1994. It was the third US Navy squadron to be designated as VF-74.

On 8 July 1961 VF-74 began to transition to the F-4B Phantom II becoming the first deployable F-4 squadron, giving rise to their “First in Phantoms” motto. They deployed aboard USS Forrestal in August 1962 replacing VF-104’s F4D’s in CAG-8{fact}. For 20 years VF-74 would deploy 15 times with the Phantom, 13 to the Mediterranean and two to South East Asia. Their first Vietnam cruise aboard USS Forrestal was marked by tragedy on 29 July 1967, when an ordnance explosion on the flight deck caused a massive ensuing fire. VF-74 lost 42 enlisted personnel and three F-4s. Many squadron members were commended for their heroic actions whilst fighting the fires.

In early 1972 they transitioned from the F-4B to the F-4J. Between July 1972 to February 1973 the squadron returned to combat in Vietnam on board the USS America. During seven periods on the famous Yankee Station VF-74 did not lose a single aircraft to enemy action. VF-74 was just as successful in peace time, winning the CNO Safety “S” in 1974 along with the Battle “E”. In 1975, they moved to CVW-8 and took part in the maiden cruise of USS Nimitz. In 1976 they won the Admiral Joseph Clifton Award, making them the top US Navy fighter squadron.

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Dimensions 18 × 11 in