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VF-53 Iron Angels F-8U Model


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VF-53 Iron Angels F-8U Model

Relive flying in the Crusader in this carefully carved and painted F-8C model of the VF-53 Iron Angels. Each model is carefully carved and painted to provide a unique piece of art that will go great with the goat locker.

Model is 18 inches in length.

Fighter Squadron 53, or VF-53 Iron Angels was an aviation unit of the United States Navy in service from 20 July 1950 to 29 January 1971. Originally established as reserve squadron VF-721 on 20 July 1950, it was redesignated as VF-141 on 4 February 1953 and then redesignated as VF-53 on 15 October 1963. The squadron was disestablished on 29 January 1971. It was the fourth US Navy squadron to be designated as VF-53.

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