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VF-51 Screaming Eagles F-8 (1964) Model


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VF-51 Screaming Eagles F-8 (1964) Model

Relive flying in the Crusader in this carefully carved and painted F-8C model of the VF-51 Screaming Eagles. Each model is carefully carved and painted to provide a unique piece of art that will go great with the goat locker.

Model is 18 inches in length.

VF-51, Fighter Squadron 51 was an aviation unit of the United States Navy known as the “Screaming Eagles”. Originally established as VF-1 on February 1, 1943, redesignated as VF-5 on July 15, 1943, redesignated as VF-5A on November 15, 1946, redesignated VF-51 on August 16, 1948 and disestablished in March 1995.

Until its disestablishment, they were the oldest fighter squadron in continuous service with the Pacific Fleet. VF-51’s roots are traced back to 1927 when the Screaming Eagles insignia could be seen with the VF-3S Striking Eagles which flew the Curtis F6C-4.

In October 1947, the Screaming Eagles became the first Navy squadron to enter the jet age with delivery of the North American FJ-1 Fury; the squadron used this fighter to conduct the USN’s first operational all-jet aircraft carrier landing at sea on 10 March 1948 aboard USS Boxer. After transitioning to the Grumman F9F-2 Panther, VF-51 became the first squadron to take jets into combat and score the first air-to-air kills in the Korean War. Future astronaut and first man to walk on the Moon, Neil Armstrong, was also a Naval Aviator in VF-51 during this period.

During the Vietnam war, they were the first squadron to evaluate the air-to-ground capability of the F-8 Crusader, and because of this, VF-51 was picked to fly secret interdiction missions into Laos in June 1964. The squadron became MiG killers when they shot down two North Vietnamese MiG-21s in 1968. In 1971 VF-51 transitioned to the F-4 Phantom and shot down four MiG-17s. During the final stages of the war, they flew from the USS Coral Sea (CV-43).