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VF-21 Freelancers F-4 Model


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VF-21 Freelancers F-4 Model

A beautifully carved 18 inch solid wood F-4 with of the VF-21 Freelancers! Each model is carefully carved by master craftsmen and then meticulously painted to give a perfect piece of art!

*Above model includes full weapons load.  If you would like it clean, the cost is $209.


Fighter Squadron 21 (VF-21) were several aviation units of the United States Navy. History:
05 Aug 1942 established Escort-Scouting Squadron VGS-11
01 Mar 1943 redesignated Composite Squadron VC-11
16 May 1943 redesignated Fighting Squadron VF-21
05 Nov 1945 disestablished
02 Mar 1944 established VF-81 Free Lancers
15 Nov 1946 redesignated VF-13A
02 Aug 1948 redesignated VF-131
15 Feb 1950 redesignated VF-64
01 Jul 1959 redesignated VF-21
31 Jan 1996 disestablished

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Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 2 in

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