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VF-194 Red Lightnings (1969) F-8 Model


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VF-194 Red Lightnings (1969) F-8 Model

Relive flying in the Crusader in this carefully carved and painted F-8 model of the VF-194 Red Lightnings. Each model is carefully carved and painted to provide a unique piece of art that will go great with the goat locker.

Length -18 inches

Fighter Squadron 194 (VF-194) was an aviation unit of the United States Navy. It was originally established as VF-91 on 26 March 1952, redesignated VF-194 on 1 August 1963 and disestablished on 1 March 1978. It was the third US Navy squadron to be designated VF-194.

On 1 August 1963 VF-91 was redesignated VF-194 and reassigned to Carrier Air Wing Nineteen. Between 1964 and 1973 the Red Lightnings made eight deployments to the Vietnam War, two aboard the USS Bon Homme Richard (1964, 1965/66), two aboard the USS Ticonderoga (1966/67, 1967/68) and the last four aboard the USS Oriskany. During these deployments the squadron flew the F-8E from 1965 to 1968 and then the F-8J. After the end of the US involvement in Vietnam in 1973, VF-194 made another two cruises to the Western Pacific aboard the Oriskany. VF-194 and its sister squadron VF-191 were the last US Navy fighter squadrons equipped with the F-8 Crusader.

When the USS Oriskany was retired as the last active Essex-class carrier, VF-194 received the McDonnell Douglas F-4J Phantom in 1976. Together with VF-191 the squadron was reassigned to Carrier Air Wing Fifteen. However, after only one deployment aboard the USS Coral Sea the squadron was disestablished on 1 March 1978.

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