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VF-154 Black Knights F-14a Tomcat Model, 1/42 (18″) Scale, Mahogany, Navy, Fighter


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VF-154 Black Knights F-14a Tomcat Model

Relive flying one of the greatest Navy fighter jets in this carefully carved and painted F-14a model of the VF-154 Black Knights.

Model has wings that move. It is made of solid wood.

Length – 18 inches

Wingspan – 18.5 inches

F-14 history with VF-154

Their first combat deployment of the Vietnam war was in 1965, onboard USS Coral Sea (CV 43) as part of CVW-15. Their first combat strikes occurred on the 7th of February. After that, yearly combat cruises followed. The time between the first and subsequent cruises was put to good use as VF-154 transitioned to the F-4B Phantom II; at that time the standard aircraft for Naval fighter squadrons. As well as changing aircraft VF-154 moved from CVW-15, where it had resided since its establishment to become part of CVW-2, where it remained until 1980. After a second cruise onboard the Coral Sea the Black Knights shifted to the USS Ranger (CV 61), completing five further cruises to South East Asia.

After the 1970 cruise VF-154 upgraded their aircraft again, this time gaining the F-4J version of the Phantom II. With this new aircraft the squadron’s final Vietnam tour took place. The timing saw VF-154 taking place in some of the last US Navy strikes of the war. This last combat tour saw such a high standard from the Black Knights that they were awarded the Clifton Award, recognizing them as the best fighter squadron in the Navy.

The Black Knights gained the last Navy version of the Phantom II, the F-4S, in 1979, but returned to the earlier F-4N version. Several cruises onboard the USS Coral Sea (CV-43) followed, as this carrier did not have strong enough decks to carry the larger, heavier F-14. Thus VF-154 (and sister squadron, VF-21), were among the last to convert to the F-14A.

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