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VC-7 Tallyhoers F-4A Model


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VC-7 Tallyhoers F-4A Model

A beautifully carved 18 inch solid wood F-4 with of the VC-7 Tallyhoers! Each model is carefully carved by master craftsmen and then meticulously painted to give a perfect piece of art!

Length – 18 inches

VC-7 Tallyhoers was an aircraft squadron of the United States Navy. It was located at Naval Air Station Miramar from 1964 to 1980. Its primary function was to help train aviators in attacking and shooting down enemy aircraft. VC-7 was established as VJ-1 on 4 December 1942. In 1946 it was redesignated VU-7, and on 2 July 1965 to VC-7. The Squadron was disestablished on 30 September 1980.

VC-7 aircraft towed targets and engaged trainee pilots in aerial dogfights.

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