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VAW-78 Fighting Escargots E-2C Model


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VAW-78 Fighting Escargots E-2C Model

Fly with the Fight Escargots of VAW-78 in this handcrafted E-2C Hawkeye model. Each model is carefully carved from wood and hand-painted to provide to a unique piece you’ll love.

The Fighting Escargots was commissioned in July 1970 at NAS Norfolk as a component of Anti-Submarine Group Reserve Seventy. The squadron initially operated the E-1B Tracer aircraft.[1]

A Grumman E-1B Tracer of Naval Reserve airborne early warning squadron VAW-78 Fighting Escargots at NARTU Norfolk, Virginia (USA), in 1970.
In September 1975, VAW-78 became a component of Carrier Air Wing Reserve TWENTY. Two years later, the squadron transitioned to the E-2B “Hawkeye” aircraft. During March 1983, the first E-2C “Hawkeye” was introduced to the squadron and remains in use today. This milestone marked the first current tactical fleet aircraft to be utilized in the Naval Air Reserve.[1]

VAW-78 operated on board aircraft carriers on five extended periods for active duty training of its Navy Reserve personnel. The squadron participated in many exercises, including the UNITAS exercises with Latin American navies. The squadron also coordinated missile shoots and provided search and rescue support for space shuttle launches.


Its most important contribution was with the tracking and interdiction of drug running aircraft and vessels in the Caribbean area starting in 1990s . In 1999, after Hurricane Floyd struck the U.S. East Coast, the squadron provided air control for federal, state, and local aircraft bringing relief to 20,000 flooded residents.

VAW-78 was set to be disestablished March 31, 2005. Before being deactivated, VAW-78 transferred some of its aircraft to VAW-77 to replace older E-2Cs in that squadron.[1][2] Wiki