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VAW-120 Greyhawks E-2c Hawkeye Model, Navy, 1/54 (18″ Wingspan), Mahogany


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VAW-120 Greyhawks E-2c Hawkeye

Fly with VAW-120 Greyhawks in this E-2c model. Each model is hand crafted from wood and painted.

Length -13.5 inches

Wingspan – 18 inches

Carrier Airborne Early Warning Squadron (VAW) 120, the Greyhawks, flies and trains Naval Aviators, Naval Flight Officers, and Naval Aircrewmen to safely and effectively operate E-2C and C-2A aircraft, preparing them to join the fleet. VAW-120 is based out of Naval Air Station Jacksonville in Norfolk, Va.

The E2-C Hawkeye provides command and control leadership to aircraft carrier strike groups by combining a suite of communications equipment and detection systems, which are able to detect ships and aircraft in excess of 300 nautical miles. The C-2A Greyhound, also commonly referred to as the Carrier On-Board Delivery (COD), lands aboard aircraft carriers principally to deliver cargo, mail, and passengers. Additionally, the Greyhound is an approved special warfare asset, capable of airdropping a SEAL (Sea Air Land) platoon’s inflatable combat rubber raiding craft out of its ramp, and deploying the platoon after its release