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VAW-12 Bats E-1b Tracer (1965) Model


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VAW-12 Bats E-1b Tracer Model

Fly with the Bats of VAW-12 in this hand crafted E-1b model. Each model is carved from wood and hand painted to provide a piece you’ll love.

Its history begins on 6 July 1948, when VAW-2, was established at NAS Norfolk. The squadron quickly moved to NAS Quonset Point, and was redesignated VC-12. In succession, it operated the TBM Avenger, AF Guardian, and the AD-5W Skyraider.
In 1956, the squadron was re-designated VAW-12 and acquired a new aircraft, the Guppy version of the Skyraider. In 1961, the WF-2 Tracer, affectionately called the “Willie Fudd”, arrived, and the following year the squadron returned to NAS Norfolk.


In July 1966, VAW-12 received its first E-2A Hawkeye and was supplying detachments using two different aircraft aboard ten aircraft carriers of the Atlantic Fleet, as well as training personnel for those detachments. The squadron had grown to over 200 officers and 800 enlisted personnel, as had VAW-11, its counterpart on the West Coast. The Navy determined that its AEW efforts had to be reorganized for greater efficiency and effectiveness.
On 1 April 1967, VAW-12 was disestablished and Carrier Airborne Early Warning Wing Twelve was formed to command all Atlantic Fleet AEW efforts. Replacement Airgroup Squadron RVAW-120 was formed to train aviators and enlisted personnel in carrier-based AEW aircraft. VAW-121, VAW-122, and VAW-123 were formed from former VAW-12 operating detachments.