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VAQ-140 Patriots 2015 E/A-18G Growler Model, Navy, 1/40th (18″) Scale, Mahogany


  • 18 inches
  • Made from Mahogany
  • US Veteran Owned business

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VAQ-140 Patriots 2015 E/A-18G Model

Experience the thrill of flying with the VAQ-140 Patriots on the USS Truman with this wooden EA-18G model airplane. Measuring 18 inches in length, this model is carved from wood and hand painted with attention to detail. Add a unique and beautifully crafted piece to your collection today!

  • 18 inches
  • Made from Mahogany
  • US Veteran Owned Business

Electronic Attack Squadron ONE FOUR ZERO, or VAQ-140, is a highly accomplished and respected Navy front line Electronic Attack squadron. Since its establishment in October 1985, the squadron, also known as the “Patriots,” has participated in 16 overseas deployments, 13 of which involved combat. The Patriots have flown the EA-6B Prowler and EA-18G Growler from various aircraft carriers and have received numerous major Naval unit awards, including the Battle ‘E’, Safety ‘S’, Goldenanchor, Radford Award, and the Hughes Award for Tactical Excellence.

One of VAQ-140’s earliest deployments was aboard the USS JOHN F. KENNEDY in August 1986, during which the Patriots became the first Prowler squadron to operationally deploy with the AGM-88 High-speed Anti-Radiation Missile (HARM). In 1991, the Patriots deployed aboard the USS DWIGHT D. EISENHOWER for Operation DESERT SHIELD and returned to the Arabian Gulf for Operation SOUTHERN WATCH in the following years. In 1994, the Patriots deployed aboard the USS GEORGE WASHINGTON to participate in the 50th D-Day Anniversary and support operations in Iraq, Bosnia, and other areas, earning the Battle “E” for their efforts.

The VAQ-140 Patriots have also played a significant expeditionary role, supporting combat operations over the Balkans with the 31st Air Expeditionary Wing out of Aviano Airbase, Italy, and assuming command of Electronic Attack Wing Aviano in 1999 during Operation ALLIED FORCE. The Patriots have consistently demonstrated their prowess in combat, achieving a 100% sortie completion rate during deployments to Qatar, Iraq, and Libya, and firing 117 HARM missiles against enemy targets during Operation ALLIED FORCE, earning a Navy Unit Commendation Medal.

In recent years, VAQ-140 has continued to make significant contributions to various operations, including Operation ENDURING FREEDOM, Operation UNIFIED PROTECTOR, and Operation INHERENT RESOLVE. The Patriots have also received the first of four ICAP III Prowlers, which have enhanced their capabilities with new software and weapon systems. Despite the challenges of deployment and the demands of combat operations, VAQ-140 has consistently maintained a strong commitment to safety and excellence, earning numerous awards and accolades for their outstanding achievements.


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