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VAH-9 Hoot Owls A-3 Model


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VAH-9 Hoot Owls A-3 Model

Fly with the Hoot Owls of VAH-9 again with this A-3 model. Each model is carefully carved and painted to provide a unique piece you’ll treasure.

Originally established as Composite Squadron Nine (VC-9) on 15 January 1953, it was redesignated as Heavy Attack Squadron Nine (VAH-9) on 1 November 1955 and was redesignated as Reconnaissance Attack (Heavy) Squadron Nine (RVAH-9) on 3 June 1964. The squadron was disestablished on 30 September 1977.

RVAH-9 was originally commissioned as VC-9 on 15 January
1953. At this time, Squadron aircraft consisted of two TEN
Avengers and a P2V Neptune. The total personnel complement was
60. 0- 0 ^VC-9 was responsible for the Navy’s first aerial refueling
operation, tanking F-2H Banshees from the USS MIDWAY. Refueling
was accomplished utilizing the new AJ Savage received in
April 1953. Although doubling as a tanker squadron, VC – 9’s
primary mission consisted of high altitude bombing. The Squadron,
homeported in Sanford, Florida, deployed aboard the
aircraft carriers HORNET, CORAL SEA, and RANDOLPH.
In November 1955 the official designation of Composite
Squadron NINE (VC-9) was changed to Heavy Attack Squadron NINE
(VAH-9). During December – May 1955 VAH-9 made her maiden Med
cruise aboard the USS TICONDEROGA.
In January 1957 VAH-9 received its first A3D “SKYWARRIOR.!
Flying the “Whale” off the USS SARATOGA, VAH-9 assisted the
SIXTH Fleet in logging a record 710 hours during the 1958
Lebanon Crisis. In a subsequent cruise with the SARATOGA,
Heavy NINE flew a total of 2700 hours, averaging 33 hours per
flying day.
• After five Med cruises with the SARATOGA, VAH-9 transitioned
from the A3D to the A-5. In April 1964, the first RA-5C
was received and the next month the Squadron was redesignated
to RVAH-9. The Squadron deployed aboard SARATOGA.in December
1964 for another Med cruise.