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VAH-7 Peacemakers A-3D Model


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VAH-7 Peacemakers A-3D Model

Fly again with VAH-7 and the Peacemakers of the Fleet in this A-3D Model. Each model is carefully carved from wood and painted to provide a unique piece of art you’ll be proud to show off.

Length – 18 inches

Originally established as Composite Squadron Seven (VC-7) on 10 August 1950, it was redesignated as Heavy Attack Squadron Seven (VAH-7) on 1 November 1955 and was redesignated again as Reconnaissance Attack (Heavy) Squadron Seven (RVAH-7) on 1 December 1964. The squadron was disestablished on 28 September 1979.

Reconnaissance Attack Squadron SEVEN, a component of the
Naval Forces, U. S. Atlantic Fleet, was originally commissioned
as Composite Squadron SEVEN (VC-7) at Naval Air
Station, Moffett Field, California, on 30 October 1950. Less
than a year after commissioning, Composite Squadron SEVEN
transferred their North American AJ “Savage” aircraft to the
Naval Air Station, Norfolk, Virginia. After a deployment to
the Mediterranean, the Squadron moved to Patuxent River,
Maryland. In July of 1955, while detachments were deployed
on board USS INTREPID and USS CORAL SEA in the Mediterranean,
the Squadron was redesignated Heavy Attack Squadron SEVEN,
and its homeport was changed to Naval Air Station, Sanford,
Florida. HATRON SEVEN participated in the shakedown cruise
of USS FORRESTAL in 1956 and then deployed in 1957 to the
Mediterranean aboard USS ESSEX.
In March of 1958, the Squadron received its first Douglas
A3D “Skywarrior” and subsequently conducted carrier qualifications
on board USS FRANKLIN D. ROOSEVELT. In August of
1961, after flying the A3D for three years, the Squadron
began transition to the North American A-5A “Vigilante.”

Commander J. J. JAPP Nov 50 – Dec 51
Commander E. J. McCONNELL Dec 51 – Sep 52
Commander J. H. ROCKWELL, Jr. Sep 52 – Oct 52
Commander R. S. McElroy Oct 52 – Jul 54
Commander T. L. GUILLROY Jul 54 – Dec 55
Commander L. B. LIBBEY Dec 55 – Jul 57
Commander R. C. KNIGHT Jul 57 – Oct 58
Commander H. F. LANG Oct 58 – Oct 59
Commander K. F. ROWELL Oct 59 – Jan 60
Commander F. D. MILNER Jan 60 – Jul 61

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