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VAH-6 Fleurs (147655) A3D/A-3B Skywarrior Model, 1/50th Scale Model, Mahogany, Strategic Bomber


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VAH-6 Fleurs A-3D (147655) Model

Capture what it was like to to fly with Heavy Attack Squadron 6 (VAH-6) or otherwise known as the “Fleurs”  with this A-3 Skywarrior model.  Each model is carefully carved from wood and then painted to give a finished product you will be proud to display.  Size: 18 inches in length.

When the world entered into the Nuclear Age at the close
of World War II, the Navy looked toward carrier-based aircraft
to carry these important weapons. The concept was to
couple the mobility and advantages of a floating base with
the offensive threat of nuclear weapons. From this original
concept came the development of Heavy Attack Squadrons with
the capability to conduct high altitude attacks on distant
targets, and return to their mobile bases.
In 1950, Composite Squadron SIX (VC-6) was formed at Moffett
Field, California, and the AJ “Savage” was assigned as the
first Navy aircraft to perform this type of mission. Shortly
after commissioning, the Squadron moved to Patuxent River, Maryland,
and deployed to the Mediterranean Sea. It was during
this deployment that VC-6 demonstrated the feasibility of the
Heavy Attack Program.
In June 1952, the Squadron moved to NAS North Island, San
Diego, California, and the next four years saw numerous deployments
to the Western Pacific, during which time new techniques
evolved for handling heavy attack aircraft.
In July 1956, the squadron was redesignated as Heavy Attack
Squadron SIX (VAH-6). Still flying the “Savage,” a permanent
rotating detachment was maintained at NAS Atsugi, Japan,
primarily to support carrier based AJ’s until November 1957.
In 1958, VAH-6 received its first A-3B “Skywarrior” and commenced
a year of intensive training at NAS Whidbey Island,
Washington. The “Fleurs,” as part of Carrier Air Wing Group
FOURTEEN on board the USS RANGER (CVA-61) were the first to
deploy as a single unit with the twin-jet bomber in the
Pacific Fleet. During this pioneering period with the A-3B’s,
VAH-6 won five consecutive Bomber Streams sponsored by Commander
Fleet Air, Whidbey and played a vital role in the
development of Buddy Bombing tactics.
From 1960 until May 1964, VAH-6 made three deployments
aboard the USS RANGER as part of Carrier Air Group NINE, winning
the COMNAVAIRPAC “E” for 1961 and two Bomber Streams.
In May 1964, the Squadron deployed to the Mediterranean Sea
as part of Attack Carrier Air Wing EIGHT aboard USS FORRESTAL
(CVA 59).
Upon its return from the Mediterranean, VAH-6 was transferred
to NAS Sanford, Florida, to commence transition to the
RA-5C “Vigilante.” On 16 September 1965, the first Vigilante
was received and on 23 September 1965, the Squadron was redesignated
Reconnaissance Attack Squadron SIX (RVAH-6).

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