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VAH-11 Checkertails A3D/A-3B Skywarrior Model, 1/50th Scale Model, Mahogany, Strategic Bomber


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VAH-11 Checkertails A-3 Model

Fly again with the VAH-11 Checkertails in this A-3 model. Each model is carefully carved from wood and hand painted to provide a piece you’ll love.

Length – 18 inches.

Heavy Attack Squadron ELEVEN (VAH-11) was formed on
1 November 1955 from Composite Squadron EIGHT (CV-8). The
Squadron operated twelve North American Savage (AJ-1) Attack
From October 1956 until February 1957, three VAH-11 Detachments
were deployed in the Mediterranean; two operating aboard
carriers, the third based at NAF Port Lyautey, French Morocco.
In November 1957, VAH-11 received the first of its complement
of A-3B “SKYWARRIORS.” It was clear in this period of
transition that the nickname of the “CHECKERTAILS” was born.
The CHECKERTAILS were assigned to Air Group ONE and on 13
February 1959 deployed on the USS ROOSEVELT to the Mediterranean.
The Squadron returned to the continental United States
in September 1959, and was selected to represent Heavy Attack
Wing ONE at the All Navy Weapons Meet.
Early in 1960, the Squadron was again deployed onboard the
USS ROOSEVELT with the SIXTH Fleet. During the seven month
period in the Mediterranean the Squadron, with seven aircraft,
flew as many hours . as previously deployed squadrons did with
twelve. CHECKERTAIL flight crews showed their proficiency by
earning a total of 49 out of a•possible 52 coveted Navy “E”‘s
for bombing and navigation excellence.
On 15 February 1961, VAH-11 deployed for the Mediterranean
Continuing in its tradition of excellence, Heavy Attack
Squadron ELEVEN was named the Heavy Attack Wing ONE top bombing
squadron for fiscal year 1962.
On 6 August 1962, the Squadron was divided into two units.
The major portion, which continued to be designated Heavy Attack
Squadron ELEVEN, deployed to the Mediterranean with six “SKYWARRIORS”
aboard the USS ROOSEVELT from 14 September 1962 until
22 April 1963. The other part of the Squadron, officially
known as Heavy Attack Squadron ELEVEN, Detachment EIGHT, remained
at NAS Sanford, Florida. There they were assigned the responsibility
of meeting all HATWING ONE’s SECOND Fleet operational
commitments during the period when other squadrons were transitioning
to a new aircraft, the A-5A Vigilante.

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