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VA-64 Black Lancers A-4 Skyhawk Model, 1/27th Scale, Mahogany, Navy


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VA-64 Black Lancers A-4 Skyhawk Model

Fly with the VA-64 Black Lancers in this handcrafted A-4 Skyhawk model. Each piece is carved from wood and handpainted to provide a piece you’ll love.


Length:  18 inches

Wingspan: 12 inches

Lineage: Established as Attack Squadron SIXTY FOUR (VA64) on 1 July 1961. Disestablished on 7 November 1969. The second squadron to be assigned the VA-64 designation.

Squadron Insignia and Nickname: The squadron’s insignia was approved by CNO on 26 December 1961. Colors for the insignia were: a
white background outlined in black; the knight’s helmet was black with white markings and red plumage; and the scrolls had a white background, outlined in black, with black lettering. Nickname: Black Lancers, circa 1961–1969.

Chronology of Significant Events 17 Feb–17 Jun 1962: VA-64 Det 48, formed to provide an air defense capability for Carrier AntiSubmarine Air Groups, deployed aboard Wasp (CVS 18) for a North Atlantic cruise. The detachment’s designation was changed to VA-64 Det 18B in April 1962. Lieutenant Commander E. D. Herbert was officer-incharge of the detachment during the cruise. Oct–18 Nov 1962: The squadron was embarked in Independence (CVA 62) operating in the Caribbean Sea in support of the Cuban quarantine.

18 Nov–5 Dec 1962: On 18 November, in an unusual at-sea evolution, VA-64 switched places with VA-34 and embarked in Enterprise (CVAN 65). The complements of both squadrons were lifted between carriers by helicopters. Following the transfer the squadron continued to operate in the Caribbean as part of the Cuban quarantine. Mar 1964: The squadron conducted operations in the vicinity of Cyprus during a conflict between Turkish and Greek Cypriots. 31 Jul–3 Oct 1964: The squadron participated in operation Sea Orbit, the first circumnavigation of the world by a nuclear task force. The sixty-five day voyage was accomplished without logistic replenishment. The squadron participated in numerous air power demonstrations during the voyage. 8 Jun 1967: VA-64’s aircraft were part of an Air Wing 6 strike group that was launched to defend Liberty (AGTR 5) when she came under attack by the Israelis. When word was received that the attack had been a mistake on the part of the Israelis the aircraft were recalled. Nov 1968: The squadron provided an A-4C, two pilots and seven enlisted personnel to augment the VSF-1 detachment aboard Wasp. The detachment provided the ship with a day time air defense capability.

Home Port Assignments
Location Assignment Date NAS Oceana 01 Jul 1961 NAS Cecil Field 15 Feb 1965

Commanding Officers
Date Assumed Command LCDR Paul A. Anderson 01 Jul 1961 CDR R. A. Uhwat 31 May 1962 CDR F. E. Babineau 20 Jun 1963 CDR David E. Scherrer 28 Jun 1964 CDR Max D. Barr 12 Jun 1965 CDR James E. Kneale 07 Jun 1966 CDR Keith C. Spayde, Jr. 12 Jun 1967 CDR Jerald W. Bucklin 29 May 1968 CDR Stuart T. Meredith 1969

Aircraft Assignment
Type of Aircraft Date Type First Received A4D-2N/A-4C* 18 Jul 1961 A4D-2† 28 Dec 1961 * The A4D-2N was redesignated A-4C in 1962. † The A4D-2 was used by VA-64 Detachment 48.

Air Wing Assignments
Air Wing Tail Code Assignment Date CVG-6 AF 01 Jul 1961 CVG-1 AB 08 Feb 1962 COMFAIRNORFOLK 31 Jul 1962 CVG-7 AG 01 Oct 1962 CVG-6/CVW-6* AF/AE* 18 Nov 1962 CVW-7 AG 16 Oct 1967
* CVG-6 was redesignated CVW-6 when all Carrier Air Group (CVG) designations were changed to Carrier Air Wings (CVW) on 20 December 1963. Sometime in the latter part of 1962 CVG-6’s tail code was changed from AF to AE.

Unit Awards Received
Unit Award Inclusive Dates Covering Unit Award AFEM 24 Oct 1962 20 Nov 1962

Major Overseas Deployments—Continued
Date of Date of Air Type of Area of Departure Return Wing Carrier Aircraft Operation 06 Feb 1963 04 Sep 1963 CVG-6 CVAN 65 A-4C Med 08 Feb 1964 03 Oct 1964 CVW-6 CVAN 65 A-4C Med/World Cruise 30 Nov 1965 10 Jul 1966 CVW-6 CVA 66 A-4C Med 10 Jan 1967 20 Sep 1967 CVW-6 CVA 66 A-4C Med 30 Apr 1968 27 Jan 1969 CVW-7 CVA 62 A-4C Med 03 Sep 1969 09 Oct 1969 CVW-7 CVA 62 A-4C NorLant


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