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VA-36 Roadrunners A-4 Skyhawk Model, 1/27th Scale, Mahogany, Navy


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VA-36 Roadrunners A-4 Skyhawk Model

Fly with the VA-36 Roadrunners in this handcrafted A-4 Skyhawk model. Each piece is carved from wood and handpainted to provide a piece you’ll love.


Length:  18 inches

Wingspan: 12 inches

VA-36, nicknamed the Roadrunners, was an Attack Squadron of the U.S. Navy. It was established as Fighter Squadron VF-102 on 1 May 1952, redesignated VA-36 on 1 July 1955, and disestablished on 1 August 1970. It was the first squadron to be designated VA-36, the second VA-36 was established on 6 March 1987 and disestablished on 1 April 1994

November 1953–September 1954: During the squadron’s world cruise aboard USS Tarawa, it visited 14 different ports in 10 foreign countries and transited the Suez and Panama Canals.
July–August 1961: While deployed on a training cruise aboard USS Saratoga in the Caribbean Sea, the squadron was on an alert status due to the Bay of Pigs Invasion.
2 December 1965: The squadron conducted its first combat operations, flying from USS Enterprise on Dixie Station in the South China Sea off the coast of Vietnam. This marked the first time a nuclear powered ship had engaged in combat.
December 1965–June 1966: During this period of combat operations squadron personnel were awarded over 170 Air Medals.
May–June 1967: VA-36, embarked on USS America, was on station in the eastern Mediterranean during the Six-Day War between Israel and Egypt, Jordan, and Syria. Units of Americas air wing were launched to provide air cover for USS Liberty when it came under attack by Israeli forces

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