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VA-27 Royal Maces A-7e (1979) Model


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VA-27 Royal Maces A-7e (1979) Model

Capture launching off the USS Coral Sea in this A-7e of VA-27 Royal Maces. This model is meticulously painted and carved and will provide you a piece you will love displaying.


Length:  18 inches

Wingspan: 15 inches

28 Jun 1968: The squadron flew its first combat sortie, striking targets in the panhandle region of North Vietnam.

4 Feb–7 Mar 1971: VA-27 embarked in Enterprise (CVAN 65), conducted training flights during the carrier’s transit around Cape Horn to her new home port in California.

Dec 1971: With the outbreak of war between India and Pakistan over East Pakistan (later Bangladesh), Enterprise departed Yankee Station and made a quick transit to the Indian Ocean to provide support for the evacuation of foreign civilians from East Pakistan.

Oct 1972: Participated in Linebacker I operations, heavy air strikes against targets in North Vietnam to interdict the flow of supplies in that country and into South Vietnam.

Dec 1972: Participated in Linebacker II operations, an intensified version of Linebacker I operations.

Feb 1975: Enterprise, with CVW-14, provided disaster support for the island country of Mauritius following a tropical storm.

Apr 1975: Participated in operation Frequent Wind and provided air support for helicopters evacuating personnel from Saigon as it fell to the communists.

Feb 1977: During the crisis in Uganda and threats against Americans in that country, Enterprise operated off the coast of Kenya for possible support in the evacuation of Americans.

Dec 1979: Coral Sea (CV 43) operated off the coast of South Korea following the assassination of South Korea’s President Park Chung-Hee in late October.

Apr 1980: The squadron participated in the Iranian hostage rescue attempt by providing air cover for the forces directly involved in the rescue operation.

May 1980: Following civil unrest in South Korea, Coral Sea operated off the coast of that country.

Aug 1983: Due to the unsettled conditions in Central America, Coral Sea (CV 43) operated off the coast of Nicaragua.

Aug 1986: The squadron participated in the first carrier tactical flight operations in the Bering Sea since the end of World War II.

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