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VA-147 Argonauts (1977) A-7 Corsair II Model, LTV, 1/31 Mahogany Scale Model, Navy


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VA-147 Argonauts A-7 (1977) Model

Fly with the VA-147 Argonauts again with this carefully crafted wooden model. The model measures 18 inches in length and has been meticulously painted to mirror their 1977 paint scheme. You’ll love displaying this piece. Includes weapons and a brass logo.

Attack Squadron 147 was commissioned as the Navy’s first A-7 Corsair II squadron on February 1, 1967 in Lemoore, California. The squadron received its first A-7A on 28 June 1967, and in December 1967, the squadron flew its first combat missions (and the first for the A-7), striking targets in North Vietnam from USS Ranger (CV-61). The squadron would deploy a total of five times in support of the Vietnam War.
In January 1968 while embarked on Ranger, the squadron flew support missions during the siege at Khe Sanh before the carrier was ordered from Yankee Station to the Sea of Japan following the capture of USS Pueblo (AGER-2) by North Korea on 23 January 1968. In April 1969 following the shoot down of a Navy EC-121 aircraft by the North Koreans on 15 April, Ranger, with VA-147 embarked, again left Yankee Station and proceeded to the Sea of Japan for operations off the coast of Korea. After deployment, the squadron upgraded to the A-7E in September 1969.
Lynn Garrison in his F4U-7 Corsair leads A-7s of VA-147 before first deployment to Viet Nam, 7 July 1967 over NAS Lemoore, California
The Argonauts deployed to WestPac/Vietnam aboard USS America (CV-66) in 1970, and USS Constellation (CV-64) in 1971-72. From April 1972 in response to the Easter Offensive, the squadron participated in Operation Freedom Train, tactical air sorties against military and logistic targets in South Vietnam and the southern part of North Vietnam. In March– June 1973 embarked on Constellation, VA-147 provided aerial support during Operation End Sweep, the removal of mines from North Vietnamese waters.
In November 1974, VA-147 embarked on Constellation, operated in the Persian Gulf. This was the first time in 26 years that an American carrier had entered and operated in the Persian Gulf. The Squadron won the Battle “E” Award in 1977 as the top Corsair squadron in the Pacific Fleet.