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Sqd 849 Gannet AEW.3 Model


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Sqd 849 Gannet AEW.3 Model

Fly with Sqd 849 in this handcrafted Gannet AEW3 model. Each piece is carved from wood and handpainted to provide a piece you’ll love.

The unit was formed in 1943 in the United States and trained in torpedo bombing techniques. In April 1944, it returned to Cornwall and joined the Royal Air Force’s Coastal Command. In September 1944, the unit embarked on HMS Victorious for deployment in the Far East, returning via Australia after the end of World War II. It was disbanded in October 1945. The unit was reformed in July 1952 at RNAS Brawdy as an airborne early warning unit, equipped with Skyraiders and operating in several flights. These were replaced with Gannets in September 1959, and by December 1960, the AEW.3 version had been introduced. It operated from various aircraft carriers until it was disbanded at Lossiemouth in November 1978. In November 1984, the unit’s headquarters flight was reformed at RNAS Culdrose from a nucleus of 824 Squadron’s D flight, equipped with Sea King AEW.2 aircraft. A flight (whose airframes bore the “Aardvark” badge) and B flight (whose airframes bore the “Bee” badge) were established in May 1985 for deployments on HMS Illustrious and HMS Ark Royal, respectively. On December 13, 2006, in a ceremony at RNAS Culdrose, A flight and B flight, which had been integral parts of the unit since 1953 and 1952, respectively, were each elevated to full squadron status, with 3 Sea King ASaC.7 aircraft each. A flight became 854 Squadron and B flight became 857 Squadron. In December 2014, 854 Squadron was reabsorbed into the unit to form the Normandy flight, which deployed to the Gulf in December of that year to relieve 857 Squadron on RFA Fort Austin. 849 Squadron was the last unit in the UK military to operate the Sea King (as the ASaC.7) until around 2018, when the Crowsnest-equipped Merlin replaced it.


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