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A custom made model of the classic Mooney! Each model is carefully carved from wood and hand painted to provide a piece you’ll love!

The Mooney M20 is a family of piston-powered, propeller-driven general aviation aircraft, all featuring low wings and tricycle gear, manufactured by the Mooney Airplane Company.[5][6][7] The M20 was the 20th design from Al Mooney, and his most successful. The series has been produced in many variations over the last 60 years, from the wooden-wing M20 and M20A models of 1955,[7] to the M20V Acclaim Ultra that debuted in 2016. Roughly 12,000 aircraft in total have been produced.
On November 5, 2008, the company announced that it was halting all production as a result of the late-2000s recession, but would still provide parts and support for the existing fleet.[1][8][9][10] With the injection of Chinese capital after the company’s purchase, production of the M20 resumed in February 2014, and since then, has released two more M20 models as well as two all-new M10 models.[11] Wiki