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“Miss Mitchell” North American B-25 Mitchell Model, 1/45th Scale, Mahogany, WWII, North American


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“Miss Mitchell” North American B-25 Mitchell

A beautifully carved North American B-25 Mitchell model!  Each piece is carefully carved and painted to provide a top quality piece.

Length – 21 inches

Wingspan – 16.5 inches

The B-25J-20-NC SN 44-29869 now flying as “Miss Mitchell” was delivered on November 10, 1944. Her initial assignment was to Palm Springs, California and used for proficiency flying and crew training. She would remain here until the end of the war. After the war, many military bases were quickly closed, and she was flown to South Plains, Texas for storage. In May of 1946, she was recalled and assigned to Langley Field, Virginia to be used for administrative purposes by the base command. By June of 1947, she was back in storage at Pyote, Texas. Early in 1952, she was modified by Hughes and redesignated as a TB-25K. The TB-25K was used for training radar intercept crews in airborne radar systems. Her conversion included modifications to accept radar sets, electronics, and a nose cose for the E-1 fire control radar system as well as updated wiring and systems. She was then assigned to James Connally Air Force Base, Texas in September of 1952 and used to train radar and target intercept crewmen for the Air Defense Command. By December of 1957 she was flown to storage. The following summary of assignments are listed on her record card:

Base Assignments
Date Location Notes
11/13/1944 Palm Springs, CA 560 Base Unit
1/28/1946 South Plains AAF, TX 4168 Base Unit
5/29/1946 Langley Field, VA 304 Base Unit
8/21/1946 Langley Field, VA 75 Base Unit
6/11/1947 Pyote AAB, TX 4141 Base Unit, Storage
12/06/1950 Pyote AAB, TX 2753 Air Storage Sqdn
11/14/1951 Brookley AFB, AL Maintenance
02/03/1951 Culver, CA Maintenance to TB-25K
09/04/1952 Connally AFB, TX 3565 Training Wing
11/17/1954 Birmingham, AL Maintenance
02/21/1955 Connally AFB, TX 3565 Training Wing
12/1957 Davis Monthan AFB, AZ Storage
04/1958 Davis Monthan AFB, AZ Surplus
In October of 1958, she was sold to Aviation Rental Service in St. Paul, Minnesota. Her civil registration was reserved of N3160G. She was sold in June of 1970 to Robert Kundel of Rice Lake, Wisconsin. By 1974, she was located in Anoka City, Wisconsin with an olive drab color scheme with yellow cowlings. In December of 1978 she was sold to the Commemorative Air Force (then Confederate Air Force) in Harlingen, Texas. She was assigned to the Minnesota Wing for restoration and brought to Flemming Field in South St. Paul, Minnesota in September of 1978. She was restored to honor a B-25J that served with the 310th Bomb Group, 380th Bomb Squadron during 1944-45 in the Mediterranean. During her restoration, her current nose art was painted by Ray Kowalic, who painted the same nose art on the original “Miss Mitchell”. In May of 1991 her registration was changed to the current N27493. Her first flight after restoration was on April 18, 1992 – the 50th anniversary of the Doolittle Raid. In February of 1994, the turret and tail guns were re-installed.


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