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HSM-75 Wolf Pack (CAG) MH-60R Model


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HSM-75 Wolf Pack (CAG) MH-60R Model

A hand carved wooden MH-60R for the HSM-75 Wolf Pack.  Our models are made from scratch with top artists and carvers.  Our goal is to create genuine pieces of art, one BUNO at a time, that you can always display proudly.

This scheme is a creation of Shane Meyder and the Flygirlpainters

Helicopter Maritime Strike Squadron 75 (HSM-75) is located at Naval Base Coronado, San Diego, Calif. and currently employs the MH-60R Seahawk helicopter. The command’s primary mission is to conduct all-weather sea control operations in open ocean and littoral environments as an integral part of Carrier Air Wing 11 in support of the Nimitz Carrier Strike Group. While embarked, the MH-60R supports surface warfare and anti-submarine warfare missions. Secondary missions include vertical replenishment, search and rescue, medical evacuation and communication Relay.