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HSM-74 Swamp Foxes MH-60R Seahawk Model,Sikorsky,Mahogany Scale Model


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HSM-74 Swamp Foxes MH-60R Model

Check out this meticulously carved wooden MH-60R model of the HSM-74 World Famous Swamp Foxes.  Each model is carefully crafted and hand painted to provide a piece you will be proud to display.  We love challenging paint schemes!

Size: 16 inches


HSM-74 is the premier east coast helicopter squadron, operating the MH-60R “Seahawk” helicopter and serving the needs of the Naval Air Forces Atlantic.

HSM-74 is based out of Naval Air Station Jacksonville, located in Jacksonville, Florida. The squadron is manned by the finest Officers and Enlisted men and women of the United States Navy and provides combat ready detachments to deploy in defense of the United States.  The MH-60R brings search and rescue capabilities, communication relay, and can carry a potential payload of hellfire missiles and a crew-served 50-caliber machine gun to littoral combat ships. Additionally, the MH-60R is equipped with multi-mode radar that includes Inverse Synthetic Aperture Radar and a forward looking infrared electro-optical device,.

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