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“Guardian of Freedom” North American B-25 Mitchell Model, 1/45th Scale, Mahogany, WWII, North Americ


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Guardian of Freedom North American B-25 Mitchell

A beautifully carved North American B-25 Mitchell model!  Each piece is carefully carved and painted to provide a top quality piece.

Length – 21 inches

Wingspan – 16.5 inches

The B-25J-20-NC SN 44-29465 now flying as “Guardian of Freedom” was delivered on September 27, 1944. Her initial assignment was to Moody Field, surplus to base needs and placed into temporary base storage. In early 1945, she was transferred to Turner Field for use in pilot training. She was transferred to Perrin AFB in June of 1946, being placed into storage. Later, she would be withdrawn from storage and transferred to Vance AFB for use in pilot traning. After four months, she was transferred to Barksdale AFB again for use as a trainer. By October of 1949, she was transferred to James Connally AFB to be used for technical crew training. After five years at Connaly, she was transferred to Shaw AFB where she had one of her most interesting afternoons.

During a training flight on May 11, 1954, the crew received an unsafe landing gear indicator light prior to landing. They were able to determine the problem was a hydraulic line failure while circling safely around the airport. Conversations between ground crew and pilot led them to believe they could fix the problem in flight. A crew boarded a C-47 with the needed equipment as well as a long length of rope. The first attempt to transfer the tools to the B-25 was unsuccessful as more weight was needed. A fire extinguisher was added on the rope and a second attempt was made. Unfortunately, this time a gust of wind pushed it into the propellers slashing the rope. A second tool set was available, but the length of rope was significantly reduced. A section of plexiglass was knocked out of the nose and another attempt to thread the equipment to the B-25 was made. This time, it was successful. With less than one hour of fuel remaining, the crew was able to repair the damaged hydraulic line and successfully drop the gear. This heroic effort allowed them to land the B-25 with no injuries to plane or crew.

The B-25 would remain at Shaw for just 4 more months before being transferred to weather reconnaissance groups at Offut AFB. While here, she was assigned to administrative duties. She would be here until she was retired to Davis Monthan in December of 1958.The following assignments are listed on her record card:

Base Assignments
Date Location Notes
09/27/1944 Moody Field, GA 2144 Base Unit
10/19/1944 Jackson Field, MS 4103 Base Unit
04/25/1945 Turner AFB, GA 2109 Base Unit
06/05/1946 Perrin AFB, TX 2537 Base Unit
09/09/1946 Vance AFB, OK 2518 Base Unit
11/30/1946 Barksdale AFB, LA 2621 Base Unit
08/28/1948 Barksdale AFB, LA 3500 Pilot Training Wing
06/24/1949 Vance AFB, OK 3575 Pilot Training Wing
10/11/1949 James Connaly AFB, TX 3565 Basic Training Wing
11/05/1951 Brookley AFB, AL Maintenance
04/03/1951 James Connaly AFB, TX 3565 Basic Training Wing
04/08/1954 Shaw AFB, TX 363 RCT Wing (RECON)
08/21/1954 Offutt AFB, NE 1 Weather Group
12/15/1954 Birmingham, AL Maintenance
03/21/1955 Offutt AFB, NE 1 Weather Group
08/31/1958 Offutt AFB, NE 3 Weather Wing
12/1958 Davis Monthan AFB, AZ Storage
01/1959 Davis Monthan AFB, AZ Surplus
In July of 1959, she was sold to Haddock Motor Sales in Battle Creek, Michigan. In October 1959, she was sold to Ernest Beckman and William Haddock. She was assigned her civil registration of N3523G in October of 1959. She was in open storage from 1965 to July 1975 when she was sold to Glenn H. Lamont of Detroit, Michigan. She was ferried to Detroit in 1977 and restoration started. In December of 1985 her current registration of N25GL was assigned. By 1989, she was airworthy. Currently, she resides at the Lyon Air Museum in Santa Ana, California.


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