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Beechjet 400A Model


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Beechjet 400A Model

Fly with the Beechjet 400A in this handcrafted Model.  Each piece is carved from wood and painted to provide a one of kind piece.   Our pieces seek to recreate memories of these glorious aircraft.

Length – 18 inches

The Hawker 400 (also known as the Beechjet 400) is a light business jet. Initially designed and built by Mitsubishi, it has been further developed and updated by the Beech Aircraft Company, now part of Textron Aviation.

It was produced over 30 years under the names such as Mitsubishi Diamond/Diamond II, Beechjet 400/400A, and Hawker 400XP; military version T-1 Jayhawk was also produced. In total, over 900 Hawker 400s have been delivered.

Since 2017, a factory-engineered and supported upgrade to Hawker 400XPR is provided, reducing fuel consumption by 16-20%, and improving range by as much as 33%.


The Hawker 400 is a small, low-winged twin-turbofan aircraft of all metal construction, flown by a crew of two pilots and accommodating eight passengers in a pressurised cabin. Its wings use a computer-designed supercritical airfoil in order to minimise drag. Its two Pratt & Whitney Canada JT15D turbofans are mounted on the rear fuselage.[4][5]

The 400 can fly 1,351 nmi (2,502 km) with four passengers, cruising at Mach 0.71–0.73, and most pilots are comfortable flying it over three hours, about 1,175 nmi (2,176 km) cruising at Mach 0.73–0.76. Typical missions are 1.5 to 2.0 hours with 400 kn (740 km/h) block speeds. It burns 1,500 lb (680 kg) of fuel the first hour, dropping to 1,100–1,200 lb (500–540 kg) for the second. Basic operating weights range from 11,000 to 11,100 lb (4,990 to 5,030 kg), full tanks payload is less than 500–600 lb (230–270 kg) with an average passenger load of three, however its full capacity is six passengers 1,100 nmi (2,000 km)


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