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84th FIS BLACK PANTHERS 1978 F-106A Model


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84th FIS BLACK PANTHERS 1978 F-106A Model

Fly with the 84th FIS BLACK PANTHERS 1978 in this hand crafted F-106A Model. Each model is carved from wood and hand painted to provide a unique piece that will always be treasured.

Length – 18 inches

History of the 84th Fighter Interceptor Squadron.
The 84th served during World War II in Europe flying P-51 Mustangs.
After World War II the 84th FIS was transferred from USAFE (United States Air Force Europe) to ADC (Aerospace Defense Command) in June 1947 at Mitchell Field without personnel or equipment.
In November 1948 it was transferred to Hamilton AFB and equipped with F-51Ds but began a transition into F-84Bs the following month. In the fall of 1950 it received F-84Ds and in early 1951, F-89As.
Transitions into F-89Bs and F-86Fs were accomplished in the summer of 1951 and fall of 1952, respectively. In 1953 the squadron received F-94Bs and Cs but in 1955 these were replaced by F-89Ds.
The F-89Ds were replaced by F-89Hs in 1956 and these, in turn, by F-89Js in 1957. In March of 1959 the squadron transitioned into F-10lBs.
On 30 Sep 1968 the 498th FIS moved from Paine Field, Washington with it’s F-106’s to Hamilton AFB California, and was redesignated 84th FIS.
In September 1973 the 84th moved to Castle AFB, and in June 1981 was redesignated 84th Fighter Interceptor Training Squadron operating T-33A Shooting Stars.